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This is Around the World in 200 Albums, a self-imposed challenge by two music fans to listen to and review albums from 200 countries/territories across the planet.

Whilst cooped up at home during the Coronavirus lock-down, we decided, as an exercise to keep our minds active, to recommend each other albums the other person liked. After a while, we noticed the British and US dominance of the albums we were listening to, and we decided to look into listening to albums from a broader selection of countries, as an attempt to test Stevie Wonder's statement that 'music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand'. It began to spiral wildly out of control, and this blog is the result.

We started this process as music novices, and in no way do we expect to exit this experiment as aficionados of every genre, rather the aim is to appreciate music from across all genres and places. We will be listening to at least one album from every country, and at the end of the process we'll be choosing our favourite album from each country and territory.

We want to share our most interesting findings and take you on a journey as we explore everything from Bolivian Blues to Fijian Folk, Hungarian Hip-Hop to Japanese Jazz, or even Rwandan R&B and Pakistani Pop - we promise we’ve got you covered.

If this has piqued your curiosity, please join us on our musical odyssey as we go Around the World in 200 Albums!