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World Music Advent Calendar - December 5th

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

SWEDEN: Mer Jul - Adolphson-Falk

This delightfully jaunty Christmas tune by the Swedish synth-pop superstars Adolphson-Falk details the excitement felt in anticipation of Christmas by Swedes across the land hoping for the most Christmassy day of festivities. Snow, baubles, twinkling stars are just a handful of the things that are hoped for in order for the day to fulfil many adults’ childhood fantasies. Whilst Christmas is of course the highlight of the Swedish festive season, the calendar is also marked with another day of significance that Adolphson-Falk actually fail to mention. St Lucy’s Day (Lucia) which is celebrated on December 13th, is a day in which most cities and schools elect a Lucy who embrace the festive spirit and engage in acts of altruism, singing and handing out pepparkakor (gingernut biscuits) to people in shopping centres, old people’s homes and churches.


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