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World Music Advent Calendar - December 14th

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

NIGERIA: Betelehemu - African Children's Choir

Based on a Yoruban folk text, Betelehemu is a syncretic hymn about the birthplace of Jesus. Christianity is followed by just under half of the African continent, and as such Christmas remains an important time of the year. Yet for such a diverse continent there are numerous different traditions associated with the festival. However, the African Children’s Choir beautifully demonstrate a unity and celebrate pan-Africanism in their performance of this Nigerian song, despite originally hailing from Uganda and being made up of children from seven countries. The choristers are often children who have undergone real hardship and suffering, with many of them orphans and victims of extreme poverty, however, the optimism in their voices is incredibly heart-warming and a reminder of the true spirit of Christmas.


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