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World Music Advent Calendar - December 16th

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

JAMAICA: Santa Claus, Do you Ever Come to the Ghetto? - Chronixx

This cover of gospel/reggae artists Carlene Davis and Trinity’s song touches on a theme that many fail to remember during the festivities. Whilst Christmas can often be a time of materialism and joy, where extravagant presents are gifted to one another, those less fortunate often do not get to experience the same Christmas spirit. The ghetto of the song could be taken to mean the inner-city streets where poverty is rife in cities such as Kingston and Spanish Town, or equally could be referring to any location where crime and danger remain concerns even during the festive season. Chronixx, who is perhaps best known for hits such as Smile Jamaica and Majesty, uses his beautiful voice to once again tackle difficult themes in his music and reminds his listeners that even if you manage to escape poverty it is important to remember your roots and not forget about those you have left behind.


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