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World Music Advent Calendar - December 7th

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

BRAZIL: Tão bom que foi o Natal - Chico Buarque

As the largest Catholic nation in the Americas, it is no surprise that there is a wealth of Christmas songs and traditions. This particular song by famed Brazilian singer-songwriter Chico Buarque is a pleasant ditty about the joys of Christmas. Lyrically it seems similar to rather a lot of popular Christmas songs, as it sings about the receiving presents during the festive season, but the twist in the tale is that Buarque goes on to sing about the greatest gift of Christmas being merely the joy of the season, that even those without money can still bask in and appreciate. The music itself is quite unique as it is done in the bossa nova style, this sets it apart from some of the more traditional carols that can be echoed all the way from the Christ The Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro to small quaint churches in Boa Vista.


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